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Sorry for the lack of posts,but my exams caught up with me,so I had to put all the things aside and focus on my studies.Well,now that vacations are on,it’s time to get back nerfing!!

Now the big news. Longshot CS-12.I will say this one more time.Longshot CS-12.Without the shitty front barrel,without the shitty bipod.Pure Zombie Strike.Plus a 12 Dart clip,as if the Longshot wasn’t enough.


Now that you have seen it,take a few deep breaths.One of the last things I was expecting and Nerf brings it back.

This blaster was leaked by Smyths, a UK based online retailer.The news has spread like a wildfire online,because most of the nerf enthusiasts love the Longshot due to it’s massive direct plunger system.


On the down right corner,we can see the ‘Target Exclusive’ logo.Also, the illustration shows a darker hue of blue and a different coloured buttstock.The clip on the illustration is the older design,suggesting that perhaps the cs-12 idea was an N-Strike one,which was delayed and put into the Elite line.

The product description is as follows-

The zombie threat is growing bigger every day, and you need a bigger blaster to keep up! The Longshot CS-12 blaster holds 12 Zombie Strike Darts and has a long-range targeting scope so you can aim with precision to take the zombies out. Load up fast with the Quick Reload clip, press the trigger and sweep the field in the battle against the zombies with the Longshot CS-12 blaster!

All we can say right now is that the Nerf  Nation is patiently awaiting for the arrival of the Longshot,although we will be seriously hyped up when it releases.