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New 2015 Blaster Pic Spam!

It’s raining new blasters everyday! Following the release of the 4Victory and new images of the Crossbolt,here is a compiled pic spam of all the new blaster finds of the past few days.

All thanks to Awesomely Nerf and Dartblaster.de for the info.Check out Qi’s website here-http://awesomenerfer1999.blogspot.in/

For Dartblaster.de-https://dartblaster.de/

Looks like Nerf is moving towards a more pistol-esque scenario,but what troubles me is the N-strike thing,poor ranges,poor accuracy,poor everything.Lets wait and see what unfolds.Well,there is still hope that maybe we’ll get some nice blasters in the elite line(Berserker).Its all upto the upcoming London and New York Toy Fair.