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[NEWS] The complete 2017 blaster release info

February is almost upon us and the blaster scene is lighting up with new blasters reveals from Hasbro. Even as i began to write, 3 more blasters were unveiled, making it really hard to keep up with the onslaught of information. I’ll make this post the ‘official’ one having all the product info and prices once Hasbro puts up the PR package on their website, and continue to update it as more products are revealed from Hasbro, Buzz Bee and hopefully BOOMco (fingers crossed).

[18/2/2017 Update] Hasbro’s PR toolkit is out so this post now includes all the official images, prices and product descriptions, along with a few unseen blasters.

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Nerf’s Fall 2016 Lineup Revealed!

Well, its January. And what do we get in January? Nerf News! And things look pretty intense this year, as Hasbro has shown what it means to be the industry standard in toy guns, with the 2016 releases looking unbelievably cool! Let’s check them out!

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