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Propweaponscoop.com has got some news concerning a new n-strike blaster that has a built in foam grenade launcher.This prototype blaster has some very sweet features.more info after the photos.

ImageImage courtesy-prop weapons coop

Now this looks serious.A curved mag(supposedly containing 10 rounds), a flywheel system(semi auto),a new stock aaand the most awesome feature,the grenade launcher(budumtss..). Going back to the blaster,this one will definitely get a lot of aesthetic makeovers from modders,because it really looks like a mass effect rifle,and the curved mag,it drives me crazy.I am still a little skeptical about the stock,since it looks quite…’skeletal’. The main blaster looks a lot like a stryfe that got a barrel integration.The grenade launcher seems to be air powered,since a plunger cannot be accommodated in the little space.The launcher may or may not be removable.The blaster also has a barrel attachment point.

The official product description is as follows-

“Take NERF shots to the next level with the 2-IN-1 blaster that dominates both MEGA and ELITE missions! The DEMOLISHER 2-IN-1 blaster is impressive in size and power firing up to 100 feet, featuring semi-motorized blasting, a 10 dart banana clip, and all new missiles. Connect NERF scopes and lights to the blaster’s top Tactical Rail System and set sights on some of coolest NERF shots performed. Blaster includes two missiles and 10 N-STRIKE ELITE darts. Four AA batteries required, not included. Available at most major retailers nationwide and HasbroToyshop.com.”


Image courtesy-Popular Mechanics

This photo shows how big the blaster really is,as well as shows the size of the grenade launcher.

Retail price will be 39.99 USD. More information and details to come during the London Toy Fair this January.