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Nerf Zombie Strike Sledgefire Review

Nerf as a hobby encapsulates a lot of aspects of what people call ‘Nerfing’. It can be anything from performance modding, to cosmetic modding, to organized competitive games or even office wars. However different these areas might be, one thing that all aspects of this hobby share is having fun. And there is perhaps no other blaster that conveys this notion in a better way than the Sledgefire. It’s slow to reload, takes shells which aren’t sold separately, and has mediocre performance, but it’s still a much loved blaster for one simple reason; it’s fun to play with.

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PSA: Don’t do the spring spacer mod on the Hammershot!

Hey everybody, just a heads-up on the spring spacer mod on the Zombie Strike Hammershot; don’t do it, it kinda messes up the dart trajectory. Want to know more? Read the foam related nerdery below!

For beginners, the spring spacer mod is a mod which increases the spring compression on certain blasters on full prime, for example the Maverick, or more recent cases like the Retaliator and the Hammershot. This mod utilizes the spring that is left uncompressed on full prime, giving a slight boost to performance and getting the most out of the stock spring. One usually uses cardboard, thin PVC pipes or other stuff to fill up some space of the plunger rod to compress the spring just enough so that it’s 100% compressed on prime.

The problem that arises following this mod is that the Hammershot spring isn’t favorable to fire on 100% compression, reason that the spring housing allows a little play in the spring, and soon after being overcompressed, the spring will shift from its optimal position, resulting in a slightly offset spring that negatively affects the dart trajectory, either due to increased air pressure, poor dart design(that hole on the dart head) or both. Nevertheless, you might get a shot or two that performs marginally well, but mostly you’ll be dealing with unreliable performance, with most of the shots tanking down fast at about 20-25 feet.

Another thing that can happen is ‘over-spacing’ the spring, so that it reaches 100% compression before the catch is engaged, thus resulting in frequent misfires and the catch not even engaging at all (and I’m not even mentioning the stress those plastic bits have to handle).

So if you’re using pristine darts every time, or are satisfied with one good shot out of five, go for it. Otherwise, I’ll recommend steering away from this mod. A non-predictable, marginal advantage but frequent misfires,poor dart trajectory and an overall worsened performance. Besides, the Hammershot is a pretty good performer in stock form, and if you really want to mod it, opt for an OMW 8kg spring that is much more reliable than this mod.

Nerf Loadouts Vol. I: Close Quarters Combat

Hey everybody and welcome to a new blog series that will focus on loadouts for different scenarios. Now I know that there are a dime a dozen of these posts out there, but I believe in personal opinion and the ever changing dynamics of the blaster world, with new blasters coming about every month or so. This month, it’s all about Close Quarters Combat (CQB).

Since most of my readers live in the city, and thus most of them live in apartments, our usual play environment involves either the corridors and staircases, or sofas and kitchen tops. Due to this close environment, range and accuracy isn’t usually a defining factor. However, rate of fire and quick reloading sure do play very important roles in this scenario, so I’ll be primarily focusing on blasters that excel in these areas only. Be sure to drop a comment if you think another blaster is worthy of being included, be it BoomCo, Buzz Bee or any other blaster.

Loadout 1: Ambush and Eliminate

Primary: BoomCo Rapid Madness + extra clips


Secondary: Nerf Hammershot


This loadout focuses on the element of surprise, where you pin down your enemy under heavy fire, forcing them to dodge/run, and then shoot them with the relatively accurate Hammershot. Since your enemy will usually run between defences, i.e. doors in a corridor or between sofas, you can literally obliterate them with 20 darts in 2 seconds when they’re exposed. Even if they manage to dodge the heavy fire, use the Hammershot to finish the job. Be sure to carry extra BoomCo clips because they will run out very fast. Scavenge the darts for the Hammershot.

I remember using this technique against my friend when playing at my house. When he was changing magazines for his Alpha Trooper, I charged at him with my Rapid Madness blazing, forcing him to run for cover. In his rush, he left his magazine behind, so I just walked up to him and finished him Hitman style.

Loadout 2: Unseen Assassin 

Primary: Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700


Secondary: You don’t need one, end of story.

I’ve ran this loadout once, and I’m telling you, your enemy won’t know what hit him. Nerf’s Rival line is putting every single blaster out of competition, excelling in range, accuracy, reloading and holy cow these things shoot fast. Forget the days where you could get lucky and dodge a dart. These foam balls travel fast, hit hard and hit accurately. It’s so good I almost feel bad for my opponents, who whiz their heads around looking where this streak of yellow came from.

Fortunately, the tale doesn’t end here. These things richochet, so shooting accurately around corners is reality now. Once my friend was hiding behind double doors, one of them facing me. You won’t believe it, but I shot at the door facing me, and the ball pinged on the opposite door, pinged back into the room and hit him square in the chest. Another one of my friends hiding there said it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. As for my tagged friend, he was too incredulous to say anything. Also, reloading is a breeze with this new ammo. Simply press the magazine down on the balls and fill up your magazine in seconds. This is the raison d’etre of the Nerf Rival Apollo, it’s built to win. Sure it doesn’t shoot quickly, but why dump ammo when you need only one shot to tag?

Loadout 3: Tacticool, it’s over 9000!

Primary: Nerf Stryfe+ Retaliator stock+ Retaliator foregrip


Secondary: Nerf Mega Cycloneshock

edited 1

This loadout is for them CQB tacticool fanatics, who want their loadouts to look CQB-esque. So I made one, without cutting down on actual performance. Running a Stryfe with tactical attachments and a big, intimidating revolver certainly gives the user a mil-sim feel. Add a little crouching and “X-Ray Bravo what’s your status, over”, and you have CoD  right in your apartment.

Jokes aside, I personally do believe that this loadout is worth it. Moderate, ammo-saving fire from the Stryfe and last resort, fast fire from the Cycloneshock will certainly keep your opponents ducking for cover. I do run a Cycloneshock when I duel, and it’s definitely worth having a bigger dart that has more inertial mass and thus, better performance. Plus, it looks good, because style points.

That concludes my Vol. I for Nerf loadouts. Be sure to comment your personal loadouts and ideas, and don’t forget to follow! Next month it’s Backyard Nerfing Loadouts, till then, Nerf on!

Nerf Zombiestrike Hammershot Review

The Hammershot. Some call it the best blaster of 2013. Some call it their dual wielding dreams come true. But I call it the single most anticipated blaster for me! Released on August 1, 2013, the Hammershot made it to Indian shores in late February this year. Anyway, I got my hands on it soon after buying the Cycloneshock, and no doubt, I now know why so many people love this blaster. Let’s get on with a full review!

The Box

11139573_965358753487717_193808417_n 11158136_965373006819625_1696392354_n

The box is a standard, open faced box showing the blaster in its entirety. The cartoon guy is a nice deviation from the usual preppy male teenage models. The blueprint-esque drawings of the blaster along with the handwritten font showing mission summaries show that a lot of work has been put in the box to make it stand out on the shelves, and so far, it seems to work.The blaster comes packaged with 5 lime-green Zombiestrike darts, an instruction sheet and 4 stencils.

First Impression and Aesthetics

Out of the box, the Hammershot feels very comfortable and well designed. The hammer is a bit stiff when you use it for the first time, but after shooting it about a 100 times, it becomes second nature. My hands are adult sized, so I personally have no problem operating the blaster, but the younger nerfers might just have a little problem in pulling back the hammer.Call me a tad bit picky,but the blaster is a little overly designed for a five shot pistol, with various plastic panels overlapping each other to give a ‘Zombie Fighter’ appeal to the blaster,but it works out for the blaster for sure!


Ergonomically, the handle is very comfortable, and has a nice appeal with the faux wood and tape wrappings.The trigger is very sensitive and responsive, and the hammer has grooves in it that aid in firing. Overall, the blaster has a very street design, and even though its nothing spectacular, it sure does give the Hammershot a unique look.

Firing and Performance


Firing the blaster is as simple as it gets. Front load five elites or any micro-sized dart except streamlines and pull the hammer back. Fan firing is shown in the instructions, but I highly recommend against using fan fire, because as soon as you let go of the hammer, even if it isn’t pulled all the way back, it shoots the dart, and the range…well, my best shot while fan firing was 15 feet, so no, no need to even try doing the Wild West with the Hammershot.

The Hammershot gets an average of 50 feet flat,with shots going upto 62 feet with considerably good accuracy.

Testing in my outdoor facility, which is 50 ft long. I got shots averaging around 50 feet fired flat, with about 30% of shots going beyond the 55 foot mark. Zombiestrike darts tend to perform better than regular Elite darts although they have the same dart code. Just for the sake of it, I tried fan firing, and as expected, rate of fire was increased slightly at a huge range loss(I got about 15-20 ft max).

In terms of accuracy, the Hammershot got about 7 inch dart groupings from 25-30 feet fired flat. This is pretty good for such a compact blaster, and makes it a very good secondary.



I had to add this section for a very unfortunate reason. After about an hour of shooting the Hammershot, it developed a fault. Apparently, the foam washer that sealed the plunger tube with the turret had come off while shooting, and due to this, darts either didn’t fire at all, or just dropped out of the chamber.However, I managed to fix this issue.by superglueing the foam washer, and I started getting good performance out of it again. Still. it was a very big letdown from a highly anticipated blaster and an equally respectable company that has very rigorous quality controls.

Overall Opinion

I am very much impressed by this blaster. It performs well, it looks good and it has very good accuracy for a such a small blaster. It’s small size makes it easy to holster, and even though its lowly 5-dart capacity sets it behind its contemporaries like the Strongarm and the Spectre, it’s phenomenal performance and unique, one-handed hammer action is more than enough to give them a run for their money. It definitely gets a very high recommendation from me; if you find it, don’t miss the chance to buy it!