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This might be the big surprise of 2014. A blaster with a built in camera,semi-auto action and the coolest looks.Looks like Engadget got a sneak peek of the prototype blaster,and by the looks of it, it looks pretty awesome. More after the photos.

N-Strike Elite NERF Cam ECS-12 Blaster

N-Strike Elite NERF Cam ECS-12 BlasterImage courtesy-Engadget

It is semi-auto,and looks a lot like the Rapidstrike.It has ranges of more than 90 ft.It has black acceleration trigger below the main trigger,and has a non-adjustable stock too.

The camera is somewhat lackluster.It is a 0.3 megapixel camera with a 20 fps recording.There is a small 1.01 inch screen built in the blaster,and it takes a total of 8 batteries to spin the flywheels and run the camera.

More info and photos can be found here http://www.engadget.com/2014/01/27/nerf-cam-ecs-12-blaster/

The thing that worries me is the price,75$!! That’s about Rs.4700! Well, I guess we have to live with it, given it such a cool blaster.