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New info on blasters and accessories from Baidu.

The good guys at South Brisbane Nerf Club have recently got some news on new blaster and accessories by Baidu.
First of all,they hinted at Two new blasters to be released most probably by 2015.The first is the “Revenge”,which,by a quick translation,was revealed to be a synonym for the Retaliator,perhaps the white one seen at the NYTF.
The next one,however,is more interesting.Baidu had it posted as the “Tour Trooper”.At first it might seem another Alpha Trooper variant,but the description said that it was bolt action.A quick translation by SBNC revealed that it meant Ranger One.This means that a new sniper like blaster is in sight.

Next up,we have news on the white-striped Rapidstrike.Not only are we getting a better aesthetic revamp,but also a performance enhancement!The Rapidstrike has been upgraded to xd distances,i.e. 90 ft.The box art and pictures are given below.


rapidstrike xd

rapidstrike white

Next,we have new 15 dart curved mags,featuring a curved space utilized for dart storage.It definitely seems more practical and useful than the 10 dart one.

15 dart mag

15 dart mag variants




retaliator with 15 dart clear mag

longstrike with clear mag


These curves mags seem to be in prototype stage,given the fact that different colours are being tried on the prototypes.



It seems that the new blasters coming this year will be coming in the orange variant only,as nerf has increased the performance of the elite blasters from 75ft to a massive 100ft. MyLastDart, an awesome blog based in the UK, has come to know that many new blasters and accessories will be coming this year.Let’s do a recap of all the upcoming releases-


The Zombiestrike Slingfire- An absolute beast of a blaster,officially announced by Hasbro,featuring a lever action priming mechanism,and improvised aesthetics.Not much is known about this blaster,but all the nerfers hope it has a slam fire function.


The Mega Thunderbow-This one didn’t get all the wows and oohs, but still,it has a very innovative design,along with a large capacity.Also some people are thinking that the Mega darts may not be darts,but Mega Arrows,because the official description states so.


The N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 -This is the blaster that sends chills down the spine.Every single feature of this blaster is dripping with raw power and style.Curved Mag,awesome.Semi-Auto,awesome.Mega Missile Launcher,awesome.Solid Stock,awesome.100ft range,awesome.With the same price as that of the Rapidstrike,this is one blaster thats gonna put others out of business

According to MyLastDart, 6 new laser sights will be released this year,3 in N-strike Elite,and one each in Dart tag,Zombiestrike and Vortex. The Elite blasters will come in the orange paintjob,to indicate revamped internals to increase the range to 100ft.The new banana clips will be sold with new blaster as well as separately.The blasters will be adjusted and a new intelligent spring spacer system will be installed in the clips to prevent darts from jamming inside the clips.The flywheel system will undergo a power upgrade to increase the velocity and the range of the darts.Bonus packs containing more clips and darts will also be released,

Last but not the least,rumors are such that there is a mystery sniper blaster coming this year.Called the Elite Ranger One,it uses a new cartridge system.Not much is known about this blaster,but this might be the big release of 2014.