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2014 Nerf line finally reaches India.

Good news for nerf fans in India,the Nerf 2014 line has finally landed on Indian shores. Hurray to that -_-
About a month ago,I found the 2014 product listings on the Funskool website,and about 2 weeks ago,Flipkart,India’s biggest online retailer,began listing them with a ‘coming soon’.Two days ago,they put in most of the products in stock,and boy o boy,you are in for a big disappointment.
Brutally overpriced sums it up pretty good.Almost all the new blasters have a price increment of about 40%.
Following is a price comparison for the main blasters,the first column hs amazon prices converted to INR,and the second column has Flipkart’s prices.

Name——–Amazon.com Prices(INR)——–Flipkart prices
1) Demolisher 2-in-1——–Rs.1890——–Rs.3495

2) ZombieStrike Slingfire——–Rs.1890——–Rs.2000

3) Mega Thunderbow——–Rs.2200——–Rs.2500

4) Mega Centurion——–Rs.2500——–Rs.4000

5) ZombieStrike SideStrike——–Rs.695——–Rs.895

6) Elite Precision Set——–Rs.950——–Rs.1249

Evidently,Flipkart thinks that the bigger the blaster,the higher the price,as seen with Demolisher and Centurion.Nevertheless, other blasters like the Jolt,Triad EX-3.Crossfire and dart refills are being sold at normal prices.
I think it is best to wait and see whether Flipkart decreases its prices,and no,we don’t want gimmicky sales.
P.S.-Flipkart has phased out the old blue Retaliator,and is selling the new XD series Retaliator at the same price.Check out their listings here-http://www.flipkart.com/search?q=nerf&as=off&as-show=off&otracker=start