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I joined Blasterhub!

A few days ago, while looking through Outback Nerf, one of the better Nerf blogs out there, I found that he had joined a certain website called Blasterhub, a sort of conglomerate of Nerf bloggers and writers that write reviews, report on new stuff and also have forums for further discussions. The website has been termed as an ‘unofficial off-shoot of Blasterlabs’, and anybody familiar with it would see the similarities.

More importantly, they were looking for more writers and bloggers who could contribute to the website, so I decided to drop a comment if I could contribute too. Soon, I was contacted by the admin who help me set up my account, and now I’m an author for Blasterhub!

Needless to say, I will be writing on both the blogs. I currently have plans to review more BOOMco blasters, and I will publish the Rapid Madness review  on Blasterhub before publishing new reviews simultaneously. This will be a great opportunity of getting in touch with the Nerf community, and also a great platform to build DeltaNerf upon. Be sure to check out Blasterhub!

The Blaster Scene: Youtube channels replacing Blogs?

Let’s just clear this first; this is not an original idea, I’m picking up a discussion started by Tactical Tag, talking about major Nerf blogs slowly fizzling out of the blaster scene, and how more and more attention is shifting towards Nerf Youtube channels. Seems like there is truth in this statement, the decline of Nerf blogs is certainly upon us.

When I began to develop interest in Nerf back in 2011, there was no shortage of blogs out there. Nerf Mods and Reviews, SGNerf, Basic Nerf and Urban Taggers were perhaps the ones that really got me into the hobby. Today, not even one of them is active. Basic Nerf stayed in the blog scene for a while, but slowly fizzled out by early 2014, SGNerf became more active on their Facebook page and forgot the blog completely. Perhaps the biggest disappointment was the departure of Nerf Mods and Reviews and Urban Taggers. Overall, the blaster scene had taken a big hit.

But there were other blogs to fall back to, SBNC made an iconic comeback in mid-2013, Tactical Tag has been in the Laser Tag and the Nerf scene for quite some time, and undoubtedly, these two blogs have held the torch through all the highs and lows since the past 4 years.Click Click Bamf has been the most consistent blog so far, unfortunately for me, I found them last year in october, but I’ve been a great fan nonetheless. JayNerf has been a great contributor with his newly opened blog too.

Now there is a special mention here, about a blog that has not been here for long, but has certainly changed the way Nerf news goes around, and how much does every little factor counts. Blaster Labs has undoubtedly been the biggest blog in 2014, and they have no intention of stopping. They got everything right and clicking in their meteoric rise to power. A great and experienced team of writers, photographers and analysts. Public outreach unlike any blog out there. Superb connections with Hasbro and the best of all, Reviews. This blog is proof that no matter how good a video is, no matter how dynamically you can portray the product in a video, words have the power to outshine any video out there. Their reviews are spot-on fantastic. Detailed, highlighting every aspect of the product, with every factor playing a very important role, being it value, fun, aesthetics and many others that make the review count. A great deal of effort on their website, along with professional input from experienced guys from the industry, Blaster Labs is hands down the Top Shot of the Nerf scene, Blog or Youtube.

Now comes the question about Nerf Youtube channels.Undoubtedly, the ‘Big Three’, i.e. NerfBoyProductions, Coop772 and LordDraconical dominate the Blaster scene over there, and their efforts are really commendable.Coop and Drac do the same thing, i.e. modding and reviewing, but their styles are so individualistic and unique, that they do the opposite things while doing the same thing. Nerfers might prefer Drac over Coop or vice versa, but in reality, its not about competition at all, they are in different realms completely, where one is completely independent from the other. Think it like Lord Of The Rings vs Harry Potter, it is not a fight because they are so different from each other that there is no common variable. NerfBoyProductions has been, as I call it, a representation of a normal nerfer. He’s the epitome of Nerf’s target audience. Apart from that, his videos have that ‘familiarizing’ factor, one I can personally relate to. He’s excited by unboxings, gives an out-of-the-box impression and most importantly,gives first-hand opinion. Coop and Drac show it from a more professional point of view, not that it’s wrong; Drac’s mysterious persona along with that endearing voice and Coop’s no-BS straight-out logical reviews mixed with mild sarcasm have certainly made me a fan of both of these Youtubers.

Summing it up, Youtube seems to have replaced Blogs as the preferred media distributor for news, reviews and modifications. Nerf blogs play a pivotal role in the Blaster Scene, but with new talent choosing to make a video than writing a blog, the future of Nerf blogs indeed seems perilous.