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Crossbolt & 4Victory Pic Spam

Well,some high quality images of the Crossbolt have been released as promo photos on Target USA.Let’s save the rambling and take a look at the photos.

16414517_Alt02 (1) 16414517_Alt03 16414517_Alt04 16414517_Alt0616414517_Alt08 16414517_Alt1116414517_Alt01

All the credit to Rob from Southern Brisbane Nerf Club,check out his awesome blog here-http://southernbrisbanenerfclub.blogspot.in/

Next,we have the 4Victory.It seems like a mix of a Sweet Revenge and Triad,but the holster looks ergonomic and comfortable.This was spotted by Awesomely Nerf on Amazon.de

16295225 16295225_Alt01