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New info on blasters and accessories from Baidu.

The good guys at South Brisbane Nerf Club have recently got some news on new blaster and accessories by Baidu.
First of all,they hinted at Two new blasters to be released most probably by 2015.The first is the “Revenge”,which,by a quick translation,was revealed to be a synonym for the Retaliator,perhaps the white one seen at the NYTF.
The next one,however,is more interesting.Baidu had it posted as the “Tour Trooper”.At first it might seem another Alpha Trooper variant,but the description said that it was bolt action.A quick translation by SBNC revealed that it meant Ranger One.This means that a new sniper like blaster is in sight.

Next up,we have news on the white-striped Rapidstrike.Not only are we getting a better aesthetic revamp,but also a performance enhancement!The Rapidstrike has been upgraded to xd distances,i.e. 90 ft.The box art and pictures are given below.


rapidstrike xd

rapidstrike white

Next,we have new 15 dart curved mags,featuring a curved space utilized for dart storage.It definitely seems more practical and useful than the 10 dart one.

15 dart mag

15 dart mag variants




retaliator with 15 dart clear mag

longstrike with clear mag


These curves mags seem to be in prototype stage,given the fact that different colours are being tried on the prototypes.