[Review] Buzz Bee Sentinel

I have a little experiment that I want the reader to conduct the next time you go to a Nerf war. When you’re at the venue, close your eyes mid-game and listen to the sounds around you. Does the whirring drone of flywheels drown the rather subdued click-click-bamf of springers? If yes, you’re not alone in witnessing the downfall of the springers across playgrounds, offices, colleges and apartments. There’s no argument that super-stock flywheel blasters have changed the Nerf game to a level at which springers fall short in almost every aspect. People would rather just spam the opponent with a volley of darts than take shots from afar. Nobody has the patience to repeatedly prime the blaster while hiding under cover when they can just hold a Stryfe above their heads and shoot away. The flywheel system had the springers on the ropes, or so it was until the Sentinel was released.

Now I know nobody is a stranger to the Sentinel’s incredible stock performance and compatibility with Nerf darts and magazines. Sure, any Nerf springer can be souped up to perform better, but it wasn’t just about the performance. What mattered more (to me, at least) was that Buzz Bee, the budget blaster brand nobody really compared with the industry standard of Nerf, had made a blaster so good that it instantly became a crowd favourite. Not only that, they continued to belt out great blasters like the Brute, the Snipe, ┬áthe Destiny and the newly released Thermal Hunter and Monorail blaster. Everyone loves an underdog, and the Sentinel not only represents the resurgent spirit of springers in the community, but also Buzz Bee in general. Let’s get on with the review!

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