25000 hits!


Just in time for new year, I’ve reached the number. The number which makes one think, ‘can I go bigger than this?’ The number that is often the benchmark to start taking things seriously. All that, just in time for new year. Talk about obvious new year resolutions.

In all honesty, I can say I haven’t done this blog justice. You people deserve a lot better than what you get, and this time, it’ll happen. For long I’ve tried to pay more attention to this blog, but now, I won’t try, I’ll do. 2016 will be a storm, for you, for me, for Nerf.

I cannot be more thankful for the support you readers have given me. To express myself freely to a global audience is my dream, and you guys helped me achieve that, and will do so as long as I blog. Thank you so much!

So Happy New Year, have a great year ahead, and expect some foam related nerdery come flying at you!



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