PSA: Don’t do the spring spacer mod on the Hammershot!

Hey everybody, just a heads-up on the spring spacer mod on the Zombie Strike Hammershot; don’t do it, it kinda messes up the dart trajectory. Want to know more? Read the foam related nerdery below!

For beginners, the spring spacer mod is a mod which increases the spring compression on certain blasters on full prime, for example the Maverick, or more recent cases like the Retaliator and the Hammershot. This mod utilizes the spring that is left uncompressed on full prime, giving a slight boost to performance and getting the most out of the stock spring. One usually uses cardboard, thin PVC pipes or other stuff to fill up some space of the plunger rod to compress the spring just enough so that it’s 100% compressed on prime.

The problem that arises following this mod is that the Hammershot spring isn’t favorable to fire on 100% compression, reason that the spring housing allows a little play in the spring, and soon after being overcompressed, the spring will shift from its optimal position, resulting in a slightly offset spring that negatively affects the dart trajectory, either due to increased air pressure, poor dart design(that hole on the dart head) or both. Nevertheless, you might get a shot or two that performs marginally well, but mostly you’ll be dealing with unreliable performance, with most of the shots tanking down fast at about 20-25 feet.

Another thing that can happen is ‘over-spacing’ the spring, so that it reaches 100% compression before the catch is engaged, thus resulting in frequent misfires and the catch not even engaging at all (and I’m not even mentioning the stress those plastic bits have to handle).

So if you’re using pristine darts every time, or are satisfied with one good shot out of five, go for it. Otherwise, I’ll recommend steering away from this mod. A non-predictable, marginal advantage but frequent misfires,poor dart trajectory and an overall worsened performance. Besides, the Hammershot is a pretty good performer in stock form, and if you really want to mod it, opt for an OMW 8kg spring that is much more reliable than this mod.


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