Where have I been, what is next, and what will be new?

I can’t keep commitments, I just can’t, and I’m sorry for that. But that doesn’t deter me from trying to, at the very least. This month has been really busy for me, and now that things are coming back on track, I can try to focus on my blog again!

As you would know, most of the fall 2015 products have been released in the US, including the RIVAL series and most of the flagship blasters in their categories. Thus, it would seem to be in vain that I cover these topics, so I’ve decided to tell you something else, off topic, but interesting.

Astronomy, yup, amateur astronomy. I have been a space fanatic since I was 7, and a couple of months ago, I decided to start off things on the astronomical front. I began researching on telescopes, Messier Objects, optics and other stuff related to the hobby, and decided to buy this,


Celestron Astromaster 130EQ. Its one of the best beginner level telescopes out there, and offers the greatest aperture size for the least value. I can expect quality optics as Celestron is one of the best and most trusted manufacturers of telescopes globally.

Getting back to the blog scenario, I’ll try to publish one post per week, mostly news and maybe a review or two. I’ll be going more creative with my blog covering war scenarios, tips and tricks with NERF blasters and other fun stuff.

Also, once I’ve set my feet in backyard astronomy, I’ll be starting another blog if i get some free time from DeltaNerf, which will cover my observations of planets and a few Deep Space Objects which are visible even in the horrendously light polluted skies of Dehradun. Unlike NERF, It took a really long time for me to follow one of my oldest interests, and I’m really happy that I finally can. Rest assured, DeltaNerf will work completely independently from the astronomy blog, and priority will always be given to it. You are welcome to follow the astronomy blog once I set it up(which might take a month or so).

Expect a post every Sunday, till then, happy blasting!


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