Summer Blaster Pic Spam!

Its that time of the year again, when the sun shines with its full blaze, when the only people braving the arid streets of the city are ice-cream vendors, when China brings us an unexpected galore of blasters in excess! Tighten your seat belts, major pic spam ahead!

Baidu, the Chinese mish-mash of forums, search engines and e-encyclopedias, can rightfully be called the true messenger of the NERF world, where various Hasbro factory workers get their hands on unreleased products and post it on Baidu. Owing to the lack of my Mandarin skills, I have to depend on Rob from SBNC, one of the few major bloggers that constantly keep their blogs up to date. A big shout out to him, as he is the sole source of all these pictures that will be shown below.

So, where do we start?……oh yes, I’m pretty sure this particular blaster has created some buzz in the streets already. Without further ado, enter, the Vagabond!


First things first, shotguns are back!

With some slung-back handle and pump grip shenanigans, first impressions for this blasters are kinda mixed. It looks fine, seems to have a decent length to it, BUT, those slots. Man, they’re nasty. They might make reloading on the fly pretty easy, but the chances of the dart hitting the muzzle wall will make this gimmick pretty useless. Now that I’ve mentioned the muzzle, take a look at this,

5e16ab18367adab41412f7c98ed4b31c8601e40e ddc42746f21fbe09ff612c9e6e600c338744ad09

6 barrels, if you don’t mind, but I don’t understand why did anybody mind putting extra muzzles on a single-shot revolver. NERF might just have made a major lapse of judgement trying to make the blaster look cooler and messing up its functionality, or there are other things at play we don’t fully understand. Rest assured, the Vagabond fails to make the necessary impact on first looks and aesthetics, and unless there’s something special going on with the barrels and the slots, it looks like this one ain’t the thing.


Clear plastic looks goofy, kinda reminds me of the Stampede’s clear window.

edf4d6edab64034f3cf32d8caac379310a551d09 DSCF2977

In case you think that you’ve seen the Vagabond’s internals somewhere,it’s because you have. It’s same as the Rebelle Guardian Crossbow, which wasn’t anything spectacular either.

And did I mention about Doomlands? It’s NERF’s new ‘cyber-western’ lineup, which will be including the Vagabond and another blaster known as the Lawbringer. This new line has some Mad Max stuff going on in it, and it seems that NERF’s just riding another cultural wave of cyber western themes, following the immense popularity of the Zombie Strike line, which too rode the similar Zombie-Apocalypse wave.


Next up, we have a little gimmick with some purpose, the Elite SplitStrike!


On the first glance, it appears to be a Firestrike-Doublestrike fused together, and then doubled again! But if they can be fused, then the can also be…….


Split! You got that right, this another 2-in-1 blaster that literally splits in two blasters. Even if it has less practicality, its a pretty neat design. The white part of the blasters has a ‘switch’ thingy that disengages the lock holding the blasters together. The grip also has the a tab on it’s lower end that can be used to prime the other section when you are dual wielding.



ece203738bd4b31cd9767c3182d6277f9f2ff886 f3f49ffb43166d22cbe4fd1e432309f79152d2bd

Internals shot. Seems to be running an a pretty basic springer design with a two-shot smart AR system. Nothing fancy going on here. Let’s have a look at the box art, shall we?1be21390f603738da2c5c5a5b61bb051fa19ec8a



We can clearly see the Elite-xd gimmick going on there. Seems like the open box thing is NERF’s latest trend in box design, along with .the same old over excited model.

I need to stop now, but there is more news due in the week. I just hope this much is enough for now. I’ll see if I can free myself up in a few days, because there is some pretty special Rebelle and MEGA stuff in my backlog.





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