Nerf Zombiestrike Hammershot Review

The Hammershot. Some call it the best blaster of 2013. Some call it their dual wielding dreams come true. But I call it the single most anticipated blaster for me! Released on August 1, 2013, the Hammershot made it to Indian shores in late February this year. Anyway, I got my hands on it soon after buying the Cycloneshock, and no doubt, I now know why so many people love this blaster. Let’s get on with a full review!

The Box

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The box is a standard, open faced box showing the blaster in its entirety. The cartoon guy is a nice deviation from the usual preppy male teenage models. The blueprint-esque drawings of the blaster along with the handwritten font showing mission summaries show that a lot of work has been put in the box to make it stand out on the shelves, and so far, it seems to work.The blaster comes packaged with 5 lime-green Zombiestrike darts, an instruction sheet and 4 stencils.

First Impression and Aesthetics

Out of the box, the Hammershot feels very comfortable and well designed. The hammer is a bit stiff when you use it for the first time, but after shooting it about a 100 times, it becomes second nature. My hands are adult sized, so I personally have no problem operating the blaster, but the younger nerfers might just have a little problem in pulling back the hammer.Call me a tad bit picky,but the blaster is a little overly designed for a five shot pistol, with various plastic panels overlapping each other to give a ‘Zombie Fighter’ appeal to the blaster,but it works out for the blaster for sure!


Ergonomically, the handle is very comfortable, and has a nice appeal with the faux wood and tape wrappings.The trigger is very sensitive and responsive, and the hammer has grooves in it that aid in firing. Overall, the blaster has a very street design, and even though its nothing spectacular, it sure does give the Hammershot a unique look.

Firing and Performance


Firing the blaster is as simple as it gets. Front load five elites or any micro-sized dart except streamlines and pull the hammer back. Fan firing is shown in the instructions, but I highly recommend against using fan fire, because as soon as you let go of the hammer, even if it isn’t pulled all the way back, it shoots the dart, and the range…well, my best shot while fan firing was 15 feet, so no, no need to even try doing the Wild West with the Hammershot.

The Hammershot gets an average of 50 feet flat,with shots going upto 62 feet with considerably good accuracy.

Testing in my outdoor facility, which is 50 ft long. I got shots averaging around 50 feet fired flat, with about 30% of shots going beyond the 55 foot mark. Zombiestrike darts tend to perform better than regular Elite darts although they have the same dart code. Just for the sake of it, I tried fan firing, and as expected, rate of fire was increased slightly at a huge range loss(I got about 15-20 ft max).

In terms of accuracy, the Hammershot got about 7 inch dart groupings from 25-30 feet fired flat. This is pretty good for such a compact blaster, and makes it a very good secondary.



I had to add this section for a very unfortunate reason. After about an hour of shooting the Hammershot, it developed a fault. Apparently, the foam washer that sealed the plunger tube with the turret had come off while shooting, and due to this, darts either didn’t fire at all, or just dropped out of the chamber.However, I managed to fix this superglueing the foam washer, and I started getting good performance out of it again. Still. it was a very big letdown from a highly anticipated blaster and an equally respectable company that has very rigorous quality controls.

Overall Opinion

I am very much impressed by this blaster. It performs well, it looks good and it has very good accuracy for a such a small blaster. It’s small size makes it easy to holster, and even though its lowly 5-dart capacity sets it behind its contemporaries like the Strongarm and the Spectre, it’s phenomenal performance and unique, one-handed hammer action is more than enough to give them a run for their money. It definitely gets a very high recommendation from me; if you find it, don’t miss the chance to buy it!


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