Nerf Rival Line Announced (Update!)

With the New York Toy Fair almost upon us,Hasbro has announced a new line of blasters,called Nerf Rival,for a more mature demographic,featuring new blasters and a completely new ammunition targeted at a more competitive gameplay.Let’s jump into it!

Nerf Rival

Nerf Rival

This report was covered by Bloomberg,who gave us the first look into this new line.My report is entirely based on their findings,which makes this post a little….sketchy.

Anyway,Hasbro said that their earlier attempt at introducing a competitive blaster line were unsuccessful(read:Dart Tag),due to the fact that darts tend to be inaccurate at long distances,so they designed new,powerful blasters to suit a new,more accurate and long range ammo,an inch-wide dense foam ball.Here’s an excerpt from Bloomberg’s report-

“Some of the characteristics of the dart and the flight weren’t ideal,” said Ritchie, who has overseen the brand for four years.

So Hasbro assigned some of its best mechanical engineers to design new ammo and blasters. They ended up creating an inch-thick foam ball that’s dense enough to be shot in a straight line at almost 70 miles an hour (113 kilometers an hour), about a third of the speed of a paintball gun.”

This new kind of ammo is kind…..well,I have to wait on more info,until I can say i its good or not.Anyway,you can see that the blue blaster is a flywheel blaster with an internal magazine,while red one seems to have some kind of retractable plunger system on the back.Let’s see what’s in store,as the NYTF begins day after tomorrow!

read Bloomberg’s report

Also,read Gizmodo’s report

Gizmodo has also provided a product description for the new blasters,here it is!

Powered by a hefty stack of six C-sized batteries, the $50 Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 blaster comes with 12 of the new Nerf Rival foam rounds loaded via an ambidextrous clip, a fold-up sight, a safety switch, and a red or blue version to help promote the idea of teens battling in teams against each other. The cheaper $25 Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700, also available in red or blue, uses a manual firing mechanism and holds just seven rounds but will undoubtedly be lighter and easier to carry into battle.

It has also been reported that face masks costing $15 will also be sold,due to the high power o the blasters.This sets the ground for Nerf as it gears up for the NYTF,as it has an entirely new line of blasters to reveal!


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