Nerf Thunderblast leaked on Baidu

China is upto it again.Leaking new blasters.Not that we appreciate it,though.The latest blaster leaked is the Nerf Thunderblast,which is basically a Demolisher missile launcher with a stock.Here it is!

Credits to Rob from SBNC.Check out his blog

When I first saw it,I seriously thought that someone did the usual missile launcher removal mod,integrated a modified Demolisher stock,and added a raider pump handle to make things more ergonomic.But turns out,it is an actual Nerf blaster!

The absence of a trigger really disappoints me,because it means it fires just like the Demolisher’s counterpart,with a HAMP style plunger system,and that means accuracy and range will be garbage.Also,the colours seem really conflicting.Still,it is a nifty design,and Nerf seems to be taking some lessons from the modders.I don’t see any practical use,as it needs a completely different kind of ammo,but i’m pretty sure modders will be adding air tanks and triggers to it,perhaps even rebarreling it to fire darts.Let’s see if we get any official info on it.



2 thoughts on “Nerf Thunderblast leaked on Baidu”

  1. Looks to me that it uses the new Nerf missiles as the demolisher, based on the holders in the shoulder stock. If so great, I’ve been waiting for something like this!

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