The Revolution is here

This is why I love Nerf.They store the most ingenious ideas for the last.After all the product leaks,all the pathetic 2015 N-Strike Blasters,they still have that ‘Wow!’ blaster in store for the final months before the Toy Fairs.

The latest product joining the Rebelle arsenal is nothing short of pure awesome.Get ready to feel the Revolution!

This blaster was revealed by and I believe this is the product description-

The newest NERF Rebelle bow provides players with the ability to quickly re-load darts using a high-tech, auto-feed, rotating quiver. This bow will arrive with 6 whistling foam darts that can travel up to 90 feet.

Seriously,a true-compound-bow-style-gatling-blaster is something out of every nerfer’s dreams.It looks like it has some sort of an integrated quiver that rotates an every arrow fired.But what intrigues me is the trigger.The bow looks like a true bow,and there is no sign of a sight like one on the Agent Bow.My guess is perhaps it is the lever for the rotation mechanism.every trigger pull turns the quiver by one arrow to shoot quickly.

All in all,I am very impressed by this bow.Nerf really put some effort into making this bow,and that is what makes them different from other companies.Let’s see what is in store for us come this February.


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