10,000 Hits!!

Well people!thanks a lot for your interest in my blog.It has been ages since I wrote on this blog(senior year,gotta study),but I promise,from now on,I will try and devote as much time as i can on this blog.10,000 hits is a BIG deal for me,especially when I hardly give my blog any time.I have so much info,so much pic spam,so much news,this post will not be sufficient.
I will be making a list of the highest views(by country) below.Comment a smiley if you find yours :).

1) USA-4,381 hits
2) India- 1889 hits
3) Germany-725 hits
4) France-609 hits
5) Australia-569 hits
6) Canada-546 hits
7) UK-255 hits
8) Netherlands-157 hits
9) Singapore-134 hits
10) Brazil-127 hits

Thanks again to everybody who gave time to see my blog.This December,prepare yourself for a post deluge!
As mentioned earlier,here is a pic spam from the various new blasters,especially the early release 2015 ones.

Mega Cyclone Shock

Cyclone Shock

image courtesy-Blaster Labs

image courtesy-awesome nerfer

Pic courtesy-Blaster Labs

Once again,a big thanks to everybody who read my blog,all this would have been impossible without you.Thank you,and keep Nerfing!


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