Nerf Rhino-Fire Spotted on Amazon Spain

Rhino-Fire,a highly speculated blaster,was spotted on’s go straight to the pictures,chat-chat for the end.







Now this is some heck of a surprise,and a heck of a blaster! These are 50 rounds of double barreled domination you won’t like pointed at yourself.Seriously,when I first read the name,I thought it will be some belt loaded elite blaster,and it turned out to be this monster of a blaster.

Now the speculation,

i) Do both the rounds fire at once,or there is a lag in firing?(which would actually be very cool)

ii) Can it work with one mag?

iii) Do the barrels move back after firing, in the awesome recoil like manner?

iv) Is it automatic flywheel powered,motorized plunger powered,or the motorized REVERSE plunger powered?

v) Is the tripod a repaint of the Vulcan’s one?

We can only wait for answers,but till then, you are welcome to comment for any query.The link for the amazon site is,



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