Mattel answers Nerf with BoomCo Blasters.

The world’s largest toy manufacturer Mattel is ready to lock horns with the blaster biggies Hasbro(Nerf),as it reveals its upcoming line of blasters,which will be released in summer 2014.

The new blasters,named BoomCo,feature 70ft ranges and darts with “Smart Stick” technology.The following blasters have been specified for future release-

1)Twisted Spinner

2)Rapid Madness



5)Bandolier, Goggles and other accessories.

The future for BoomCo actually looks bright,given the fact that the sheer supremacy of Mattel over the toy market will guarantee huge sales from the name alone.

Photo Courtesy-Adult Fans Of Nerf

The darts have some sort of a sticky substance at the tip,which will make them stick to any material,including fabric.The big blaster shown below seems to have an air-pump mechanism(full auto fire,maybe),while the smallest one has a slide to fire.

boomcoPhoto Courtesy-Adult Fans Of Nerf

Overall,the build quality looks very good,given that Mattel has been known to produce high quality toys.This might be one of the most eagerly awaited non-Nerf brand blaster this summer,although Tek Recon,Buzz Bee and other manufacturers also have some tricks up their sleeve.

You can also look up the official website here-

BlasterLabs and Adult Fans of Nerf also have coverage on this news,see their websites here-


2 thoughts on “Mattel answers Nerf with BoomCo Blasters.”

    1. sure! the interesting part is the helix design and the sensor technology. it sure s a leap in blaster tech. also check out the tekstrike,which has been acquired by nerf!

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