Now this was unexpected.Hobby toy distribution revealed digital art images of some upcoming blasters,check them out.

Rebelle Nerf Launcher Spy Night Raid


You need to be super Spy Night Raid! Use the electronic sights to hit all targets!

To me, it looks like a cross between Sweet Revenge and Strongarm, with some influences from the Firestrike.

Rebelle Nerf Launcher Diamondista

Not much here,it looks like the old single shot pistols though.

Rebelle Nerf Launcher Messenger

Send secret messages to anyone you want!Comes with a pen for you to write with invisible ink secret messages! Use the reader to see the invisible messages!

Nerf Zombie Launcher Slingfire

Zombie Nerf dart launcher with removable clip 06 darts. Includes launcher, removable clip 06 darts and 06 darts with zombie theme

This looks interesting,it looks like the barrel is longer than expected,and seems to be the size of a Retaliator.

Nerf Elite javelin thrower remotely controlled by remote control, with light and sound.Accompanying 12 darts.
This is so awesome! An attack robot? It completely changes the way we fight wars. Just send this little attacker,shoot as much people as you can,all without even stepping out of your bunker! It looks flywheel powered,due to that orange thing in front of the turret.Also note that this is not digital art,it looks like a prototype.
All thanks to Hobby Toy Distribution and MyLastDart for the photos and info.

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