N-Strike Elite Retaliator Review

The N-Strike Elite Retaliator,launched in August 2012, is the successor to the 2008 N-Strike Recon CS-6.The Retaliator was released as the first Elite blaster along with Rampage and Hail-Fire.

The Recon was praised for its modular nature,but was notorious for poor ranges and accuracy.The Retaliator, basically a reshell,features new internals equipped with a direct plunger,giving it greater range and accuracy than its predecessor.It comes with a repainted barrel attachment,a new and unseen stock,an assault grip and a twelve dart clip.It has 3 tactical rails,one on the slide and two on the barrel attachment.A small flip-open jam door is located under the slide,with the clip release button present on both the sides of the blaster.There is also an iron sight on the barrel attachment.

Looks wise,it resembles a modern carbine.It has less aesthetics and more functionality,and tends to be a little heavy.It is not exactly thin,but its robust profile gives it a meaty look.

Performance wise,it tends to prove itself as more of a precise blaster than a fast firing one. Attaching the barrel reduces the ranges but increases the accuracy.It constantly hits 55-60 ft,and is accurate upto 45 ft. The RoF is very less,since it is completely manually cycled,and fires at almost 1.2 darts/sec.It also jams sometimes,like getting the slide stuck back,ore the dart jammed in the breech.The breech will completely destroy the dart if it gets stuck.The trigger is a little unresponsive.

To use the Retaliator, pull the slide back,load a twelve dart clip and push the slide forward to prime.To clear a jam,pull back the slide and open the jam door to remove any darts.

Photos and Rating after the jump.


ImageBox-Art (Back)

ImageMain Blaster(with accessories removed)

ImageMain Blaster(Assembled)

ImagePriming slide back

ImagePriming slide(forward)

ImageN-Srike accessory compatibility

The blaster brings an intimidating factor in a battle and even though it falls short in RoF,it makes up in accuracy. At Rs. 1499,it is yet another blaster that delivers a bang for the buck.





Rate of Fire-8.5

Overall Rating-9.0


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